When cpasized the Vortex  can be righted like any other dinghy; but in strong winds there is a tendency for the boat to flip over into another capsize when you pull the boat upright.  This can turn into a strenuos excercise worthy of some cursing and swearing. But if you do it right you will only need to do it once. The video shows how to do it. but let me emphasize the need to free off the mainsheet and kicker Completely. this is the link showing a capsize and recovery in 23mph (gusting 38 mph wind) :-      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQTk4VAoASw&feature=youtu.be  

Use your spinaker sheet looped around its block as a righting line.  Stand on the lower foil and lean back holding the spinaker sheet. Put one foot on the front hull and try to put your weight onto that leg. You will notice that the hull does turn slightly into the wind. As the mast and sail break the water the wind will get underneath the sail and lift it. when this happens lean forward and grab the front handle with both hands pushing the boat into the wind and pulling the boat down on top of you. Don't worry it won't hit your head, but your weight on the frornt of the boat allows the stern to lift out of the water and swing around to leward. The boat will now be head to wind and you can climb out onto the front deck between the two hulls. This is the safest place to be in strong wind as the boat will sit there quite happily and not turn away from the wind.  You can now stuff the spinaker back into its sock if need be. Move back into the cockpit and you are ready to sail away.


If  clicking on the link does not open the you tube video, try highlighting the link , then right click  and select open link.   Alternatively paste the URL into a new browser window.