Joining The Vortex Class association

Joining the class association entitles you to a wide range of benefits including discount on boat insurance; access to the members only section of the website

tuning guide

discounted (or free) entry to training events


top tips from the experts

discount on Asymmetric Kits

..and more!!!!!

There are several ;other good reasons to;join your class association but rather than us ramble on, have a look at the following;article from the Noble Marine website;to see what others say;

Support for your Class Association

"Class Associations are extremely important (both for the individual class and for the sport of dinghy sailing as a whole). An active class association can provide help for new and existing sailors, strong fleets for the racing, discounts on related products and many other benefits.

If nothing else, an active class association will maintain interest in the class and keep second-hand prices buoyant. In essence, your class is there for you. If your association doesn't offer what you want or doesn't appear to provide value for money - Say something or better still get involved.

Noble Marine has for many years provided support to a number of Class Associations. Part of this support is to offer discounted insurance premiums to members of some associations. The discounts can be obtained by following a special link on the respective class web site or by clicking on the relevant logo

Towergate insurance also give discount  to association members. 


To join the Vortex Association please send an email to the class Secretary,Andrew Straton, through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your details, name, address, phone number, sailing club, vortex boat number. We will then send you details of how to set up a Standing Order for the association (still £20 per annum) and you will be added to the member list once this has been received. Unfortunately we have temporarily disabled the on-line joining option due to due to persistent spam applications but hope to have this resource back up and running soon!